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Material reflectance database

Developed in the frame of the Targeted Plan for prevention of risks arising from reflected laser radiation promoted by the Tuscany Region D.D.R.T. n. 4276/2009.

In collaboration with:

  • Florence Health Agency Prevention service -  Health Physics Department
  • Careggi University Hospital, Florence - Health Physics Department
  • University Hospital, Siena - Health Physics Department
  • CNR-IFAC "Nello Carrara" Applied Physics Institute
  • CNR-INO National Institute of Optics

Measurements performed by:
Dr A. Guasti - Health Physics, AOU Siena
Dr D. Fedele - Health Physics, ASL 10
Prof. F. Fusi e Dott. G.Romano - Health Physics Department, University of Florence
Dr L. Mercatelli - Laboratory of Photometry and Lighting of the National Institute of Optics





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