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Whole-Body Vibration: Risk Description


The Directive 2002/44/EC provides the following definition of whole-body vibration:

"The mechanical vibration that, when transmitted to the whole body, entails risks to the health and safety of workers, in particular lower-back morbidity and trauma of the spine.”

It is well known that different working activities carried out by sitting on transport vehicles or materials handling vehicles expose the body to vibration or impacts that can be harmful to exposed individuals.

Table 3 provides a list of machines or processes that regularly expose workers to vibration levels such as to fall within the scope of current regulations.

Table 3 - Examples of sources of whole-body vibration exposure risk


Main usage areas

Scrapers, power shovels, excavators

Construction, stone, agriculture, mines, dock handling etc.


Stone, construction sites

Tractors, combine harvesters


Lift Trucks

Construction sites, industrial and dock handling etc.

Fifth wheel tractors

Construction sites, industrial and dock handling etc.

Trucks, buses

Transports, forwarding services etc.

Motorboats, dinghies, boats

Transports, maritime industry

Rail transports

Transports, industrial handling


Civil protection, Police force, etc.

Motorcycles, scooters

Police force, postal services, forwarding and delivery services etc.

Truck cranes, cranes

Construction sites, industrial and dock handling etc.

Vibrating plate compactors

Vibrated concrete, several industrial applications




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