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Documentation related to Solar UV radiation



  • ICNIRP 14/2007 Protecting Workers from Ultraviolet Radiation International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection In Collaboration with: International Labour Organization World Health Organization ISBN 978-3-934994-07-2
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  • EN 1836 Personal eye-equipment - Sunglasses and sunglare filters for general use and filters for direct observation of the sun
  • HSE Sun Protection Advice for Employers for Outdoor Workers
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  • Regional Technical Coordinating Committee for safety at workplaces - ISPESL - ISS "Operational indications on prevention and protection from the risks arising form exposure to artificial optical radiation at workplaces" 11/03/2010
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  • Solar Ultraviolet Radiation: Global burden of disease from solar ultraviolet radiation, World Health Organization 2006 (Download PDF)
  • NIOSH Proceedings of the International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference – Massachussets USA 2000 
  • De Grujil F.R. Health effects from solar UV radiation Rad. Protect. Dosimetry 72, 177-196 (1997).
  • Silney D.H. Ultraviolet Radiation effects upon the eye : problems of dosimetry Rad. Protect. Dosimetry 72, 197-206 (1997).
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  • National Health and Medical Research Council, Occupational Standard for Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (1989), Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1989.
  • EN 13758-2 Textiles - Solar UV protective properties - Part 2:  Classification and marking of apparel


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