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Natural Optical Radiation: Risk Description

Developed in the frame of
"Targeted Plan for prevention of the Risk arising from Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure of Outdoor Workers"
promoted by the Tuscany Region



The most authoritative international and national organisations (ICNIRP, ILO, WHO, Istituto Superiore di Sanità) in charge of health and safety protection as well as many international epidemiological studies agree in considering the solar ultraviolet radiation an occupational risk for all the outdoor workers listed - as a rough guide - in Tables 1 and 2. This risk shall be assessed and prevented in the same way as all other risks (such as chemical, physical, biological risks) present in the working environment. In particular, several photoinduced pathologies, whose target organs are skin and eyes, have been defined and characterized for these workers since a lot of time. Without any doubt, skin cancer is the most frequent of them.

Tab. 1a List of the activities that can involve a high risk of exposure to solar UV radiation

Agricultural and forestry work activities

Flower growing - Gardening

Pool attendants

Outdoor sport instructors

Road, railway and ship building and construction

Work activities in open-cast quarries and mines

Fishery and working activities on boats, moorings, dock working activities

Personnel involved in research and storage activities of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons in ground, sea and in the oil platforms

Tab. 1a List of the activities that can involve a risk of exposure to solar UV radiation

Parking attendants

Garbage collectors

Outdoor or square working personnel

Outdoor electric and hydraulic line maintenance

Refuelling: road and airport

Postman/ shipment delivery

Local police /Security forces / Army

Pool maintenance



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