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RISK ASSESSMENT: Hand - Arm System



Article 4 of Directive 2002/44/EC states that the employer shall assess the risks arising from exposure to mechanical vibration to which workers are subject during the normal working activities. The level of exposure to mechanical vibration may be assessed by reference to relevant information on the probable magnitude of the vibration corresponding to the equipment or the types of equipment used in the particular conditions of use, including such information provided by the manufacturer of the equipment.

When carrying out the risk assessment the employer shall give particular attention to the following:

a) to identify the machines generating vibration and their respective time of use during the working processes, in order to assess the worker exposure levels and compare them to the action levels set for in the regulations;
b) any effects concerning the health and safety of workers at particularly sensitive risk;
c) any indirect effects on worker safety resulting from interactions between mechanical vibration and the workplace or other work equipment;
d) information provided by the manufacturers of work equipment in accordance with the Machinery Directive;
e) the existence of replacement equipment designed to reduce the levels of exposure to mechanical vibration;
f) specific working conditions such as low temperatures, wet, high humidity, biomechanical surcharge of upper limbs and rachis.

Action values and exposure limit values laid down in Directive 2002/44/EC art. 3

Hand-arm system transmitted vibration

Daily exposure action value
A(8) = 2.5 m/s2

Daily exposure limit value
A(8) = 5 m/s2


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