Machine technical sheet

Brand: AEG
Model: WP400
Type: Rotary, orbital, random orbital, linear (reciprocating action), belt and delta sanders or polishers
Built in: n.d.
Weight: 2.4 kg
Power: 0.46 kW
Power supply: Electrical (220V-380V)
Anti-vibration devices: Absent
NOTES: No-load speed 4000-5500 rpm
Source of the data: Acquisito sul campo da misuratore

Immagine rappresentante la tipologia
Declared values as set forth in the standard EN 50144-2-4
( x 1.5 Sanding )
No declared data
(1) Expanded uncertainty

Measurements in the field (Click to view the measurements in the field)

Reference person: Iole Pinto - Nicola Stacchini - Andrea Bogi AUSL Toscana Sud Est-LSP-Lab. Agenti Fisici ([email protected])
Location: Siena (SI) - Autocarrozzeria on 01/01/1993
Features of the accessory: Abrasive paper

Values related to the vibration worst case handle ​ ( Posterior )
A hx (Mean)
3.7 m/s2
A hy (Mean)
2.7 m/s2
A hz (Mean)
1.1 m/s2
A hv sum
4.7 m/s2
Standard deviation
0.1 m/s2
Standard deviation
0.1 m/s2
Standard deviation
0.1 m/s2
Standard deviation x 1,645:
0.16 m/s2
+ Standard deviation:
3.8 m/s2
+ Standard deviation:
2.8 m/s2
+ Standard deviation:
1.2 m/s2
A hv sum
+ (Dev. std. x 1,645):
4.9 m/s2